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Install the Epson C4000 and C3500 Printer Driver


Instructions for setting up the Epson C4000 and C3500 label printer and configuring it to be used with StoneTag.

Install the Epson C4000 and C3500 Printer Driver

  1. Insert the USB cable into the printer and into the PC that will control it.
  2. Download the Epson C4000 or C3500 printer driver installation and settings files below.
    1. C4000
      1. C4000 Printer driver: CWC4000u_64bit_v1101.exe
      2. C4000 Settings file: CW-4000ImportSettings.bsf
    2. C3500
      1. C3500 Printer Driver: TM-C3500_64bit_v2602.exe
      2. C3500 Settings file: CW-3500ImportSettings.bsf
  3. Double-click CWC4000u_64bit_v1101.exe or TM-C3500_64bit_v2602.exe depending on the model. 
  4. Untick the Set as default printer checkbox > OK
  5. Select Agree > OK
  6. Select No: USB connection OK
  7. Click Manual
  8. Select USB001 — EPSONCW-C4000u or EPSONTM-C3500 OK
    1. The port may not be USB001 but it will show EpsonCW-4000u or EpsonTM-C3500 in the right column.
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Start Settings
    1. Windows 10: Devices Printer & scanners 
    2. Windows 11: Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners
  11. Click EPSON CW-C4000u or EpsonTM-C3500
    1. Windows 10: Click Manage
    2. Windows 11: Click Printing Preferences
  12. Select EPSON CW-C4000u or EpsonTM-C3500 in the dropdown box (ignore when using Windows 11)
  13. Click Printing preferences
  14. Click Driver Utilities
    1. Click Import/Export Settings
    2. Click Import Settings > OK
    3. Select CW-4000ImportSettings.bsf or or TM-C3500ImportSettings.bsf that was previously downloaded
    4. Click Open OK
  15. Click Apply > OK
  16. Click Print a test page 
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