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Enabling alternate language


LT3Raptor has been translated into multiple languages to improve usability and adoption for users in all countries LPI supports.

If LT3Raptor is already installed and is unable to refresh with alternative languages, LT3Raptor must be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Install Windows Language Pack

  1. Click Start > Settings
  2. Click Time & language
  3. Click Language & region
  4. Under Preferred Languages click Add a language
  5. Select the language to install > Next
  6. Untick all checkboxes except Language Pack > Install 
    * To add multiple languages, repeat the process for each.

Change LT3 Language

Once the Windows language pack is installed, install or reinstall LT3Raptor.

  1. If LT3 is already installed, reinstall it using instructions found here: Uninstall LT3Raptor.
  2. If LT3Raptor is not installed, install it using instructions here: Install LT3Raptor
    1. Once installed, run LT3Raptor
    2. Click Settings > Application Settings
    3. Under Language, select the language desired. 
    4. Click Yes when asked to restart LT3Raptor.
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