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Error: Security tools indicate risk using LPI Cloud

Description While attempting to access LPI Cloud Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools or other RMM/AV/AM security tools indicate the device is at risk/infected with malware.  Error: templator.com/…framework/Client.Services.dll contains malware… Error: templator.com/…framework/Client.Infrastructure.dll contains malware… Cause This may appear when strict firewalls configurations are in place using anti-virus, anti-malware, and/or Remote Monitoring and Management tools. The underlying cause of […]

Logo will not update in LT3Raptor

Description The company logo has been updated in LPI Cloud, however an old logo is still appearing in LT3Raptor. Cause The cause of this is a sync error that locks the logo file and prevents it from being updated with the new logo file. Resolution The recommended action to take is to create a spline […]

Cutouts and drill holes will not cut

Description Files exported from LT3 show cutouts and drill holes in the DXF but will not cut from AlphaCAM. Cause LT3Raptor is exporting arcs with a defined number of snap points. In some cases, these are not spaced out enough to be correctly handled by AlphaCAM.  Resolution The recommended action to take is to create […]

LT3Raptor Performance Issues

Description While loading and using LT3Raptor, the application has slow performance. Cause If LT3Raptor is showing signs of slow performance, there are a couple of reasons this could be occuring.  LT3Raptor is syncingThe first time running LT3Raptor, the application will sync past jobs (default 15 days) into the local database on the device. While syncing, […]

LT3 Crashes while loading

Description While loading LT3Raptor, the application will close before getting to the home screen. Cause This issue is related to a faulty database Resolution To resolve this issue,  In File Explorer, navigate to: C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalPackagesc9769af5-82f6-477d-bba2-6c296de89f6c_9pbmgk3ye29w4LocalState Rename Database to Database.backup Open LT3Raptor

LPI Cloud License & User Roles

The LPI Cloud platform uses both licenses and roles to allow and restrict access for users. This articles explains the difference between license and roles and which options are available for each.