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Cutouts and drill holes will not cut


Files exported from LT3 show cutouts and drill holes in the DXF but will not cut from AlphaCAM.


LT3Raptor is exporting arcs with a defined number of snap points. In some cases, these are not spaced out enough to be correctly handled by AlphaCAM. 


The recommended action to take is to create a spline out of the entities and then convert it into lines and arcs. 

Convert entities to splines

  1. In AlphaCAM click the Geometry tab.
  2. Click SplinesCreate Splines
  3. Select the entities to convert to a spline
  4. Set the following parameters to Convert Entities to Splines.
    1. Through: Existing Geometry
    2. Tolerance: 0.01
    3. Tick Delete Original
  5. Click OK (The entities will turn brown if it successfully creates a spline)
  6. Click Splines > Convert Splines to Lines/Arcs
  7. Set the following parameters to Convert Splines to Lines/Arcs.
    1. Tolerance: 0.01
    2. Maximum Radius for Arcs: 10000
    3. Tick Delete Original
    4. Tick Join Resulting Lines/Arcs
    5. Do not tick Preserve Layer
    6. Do not tick Set Element Z levels
  8.  Select the spline > right-click on the spline (The entities will turn blue if it successfully converted to lines/arcs.)
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