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LT-2D3D R4.0 Laser Connection

Instructions for connecting the LT-2D3D R4.0 to a tablet. R4.0 represents Revision 4.0. This model was released in January 2014 and sold through February 2021. The easiest method to determine if the LT-2D3D is an R4.0 is the power button will be black.

Note: LT1 is a legacy application and is no longer updated. It is strongly recommended to migrate to LT3.

  1. Connect the LT-2D3D R4.0 to the tablet via USB
  2. Press the power button on the LT-2D3D R4.0
  3. Open the LT1
  4. Click File Help Setup Device
  5. Click the radio button next to LT-2D3D R4.0 
  6. Click Down Arrow.jpg in the box to the right of Encoder Connection and select COM 3 (rarely it could be COM 4)
  7. Click Use Sockets
  8. Click Laser when it appears where Loading… previously appeared
    1. If Laser does not appear, hold the power button until the LT-2D3D powers off and then press the power button to power it on
    2. Tap Cancel
    3. Repeat steps 7 – 8
  9. Click Connect
  10. Click OK
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