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Unable to run multiple LT1 instances


When LT1 is open, attempting to open a second instance of the application forces the first instance to close instead of running two instances side-by-side.


Two instances of the LT1 application can be run side-by-side. Sometimes, when the machine-settings.txt file becomes corrupted, it will cause the first instance to close before opening the second instance. This is caused by the application attempting to reconnect to an LT whether one is or is not present and only one instance can be connected at any one time. 


Delete the machine-settings.txt file from AppData 

  1. Click Edit > Options > Advanced
  2. Next to Application Data Directory, click Open
  3. Exit LT1
  4. Select machine-settings.txt > Delete
  5. Open LT1
  6. NOTE: If this is occurring on a tablet used to connect with the LT, the LT must be reconfigured in the Setup Device section
    1. LT-2D3D R4.0 (black power button)
    2. LT-2D3D R4.1 (silver power button)
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