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LT-2D3D R4.1 Laser Connection

Note: This is a legacy application and is no longer updated. It is strongly recommended to migrate to LT3.

  1. Connect the LT-2D3D to the tablet via USB
  2. Press the power button on the LT-2D3D
  3. Click Windows Start button
  4. Click Windows Settings gear
  5. Click Devices
  6. Under Bluetooth devices discovery, select Advanced.
  7. Click Add Bluetooth or other device
  8. Click Disto #######
    1. If Disto ####### does not appear, hold the power button until the LT-2D3D powers off and then press the power button to power it on
  9. Click Done once the LT-2D3D has connected
    1. If it doesn’t connect the first time, repeat steps 6 – 8
  10. Open the Laser Templator software
  11. Click File Help Setup Device
  12. Click the radio button next to LT-2D3D R4.1 
  13. Click Windows Down button in the box to the right of Encoder Connection and select COM 3
  14. Click Connect
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