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Error: Security tools indicate risk using LPI Cloud

Description While attempting to access LPI Cloud Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools or other RMM/AV/AM security tools indicate the device is at risk/infected with malware.  Error: templator.com/…framework/Client.Services.dll

Cutouts and drill holes will not cut

Description Files exported from LT3 show cutouts and drill holes in the DXF but will not cut from AlphaCAM. Cause LT3Raptor is exporting arcs with

LT3Raptor Performance Issues

Description While loading and using LT3Raptor, the application has slow performance. Cause If LT3Raptor is showing signs of slow performance, there are a couple of

LT3 Crashes while loading

Description While loading LT3Raptor, the application will close before getting to the home screen. Cause This issue is related to a faulty database Resolution To

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