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System Requirements & Application Dependencies

This support article details both the system requirements as well as the application dependencies. 

  • System Requirements: The physical hardware required to run the application. 
  • Application Dependencies: The supporting software required to be installed for the main application to run.

System Requirements

Below are the PC specifications required to install and run both LT1, our legacy software, as well as LT3Raptor, our current release of software. 

LT1 icon
LT1 (legacy)
LT3 icon
LT3 (current)
4GB (8GB recommended)
8GB (16GB recommended)
Intel m3, i3, i5, i7 & AMD Ryzen, Athlon 1
Intel i5, i7 & AMD Ryzen, Athlon 1
OS (Windows)
Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 2
Windows 10, 11
Bluetooth & USB-A or USB-C 3
Bluetooth & USB-A or USB-C 3

1 CPU – LT1 and LT3Raptor are known to run on all Windows-based PCs (tablets included) provided they satisfy the Supported Windows versions and processor specifications listed above. All ARM-based processors including, but not limited to, Microsoft SQ1, SQ2, an SQ3, as well as AMD Opteron processors, are not supported.

2 OS (Windows) – LT1 will run on Windows Server but is not designed to run as part of a domain. Clients that access job files from a file server may run into issues with read/write permissions as the job file must be stored locally while making edits. Additionally, the license key for the application is stored on a per-user basis. Each user account on the client will require its own license key. Windows 8 RT and Windows 10/11 in S-mode are not supported. Windows 10 and 11 in S mode can be switched out of S mode to standard Windows 10 or 11 following the instructions for Switching Windows 10 and 11 out of S mode.

3 Connection – LT1 and LT3Raptor Connect to the laser module (distance measurements) via Bluetooth and encoders (angle measurements) via USB. Newer tablets that only support USB-C will require a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

Application Dependencies




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