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Set up and configure the Epson C4000 & C3500 Label Printer


Instructions for setting up the Epson C4000 and C3500 label printer and configuring it to be used with StoneTag.

Set up the Epson C4000 Label Printer

  1. Unpack the printer and ensure all components are included.
    1. Printer
    2. 4 ink cartridges
    3. Label roll
    4. AC Adapter
    5. AC Cable
    6. USB cable (USB-A to USB-B)
    7. Installation CD/DVD
    8. Printer manual 
  2. Remove all the protective materials from the printer located at
    1. The top left corner of the front face.
    2. The bottom right corner of the front face.
    3. Inside the label compartment.
    4. Inside the rear feed flap.
      1. Lift up the darker grey switch to the left of the black label feed tray to access the label compartment.
  3. Place the printer on a flat surface.
  4. Insert the AC adapter’s DC connector into the printer’s DC-in connector all the way in.
    1. Insert the AC cable connector into the AC adapter’s AC inlet.
    2. Plug the AC cable into a grounded outlet.
  5. Turn on the printer by holding down the power button until the power LED (blue) lights up.
    1. Set Language using the up or down arrows and press OK.
      1. Use these arrow buttons for the next steps.
    2. Set Daylight Savings Time to Winter or Summer and press OK.
    3. Set the Date/Time format and press OK.
    4. Set the Date 
      1. This should be set to the current date but if it is not, select the correct values for today’s date.
      2. Use the arrows located in the top right of the LCD screen to move between mm-dd-yyyy.
      3. Use the arrows to move the cursor to OK on the LCD and then press OK.
    5. Set the Time Format and press OK.
    6. Set the Time and press OK.
    7. Select Black Ink TypeMatte Black and press OK > OK (Done).
  6. Shake the ink cartridges for 15 seconds, unpack them, and then insert them into the corresponding ports on the printer.
    1. The ink cartridge door is located at the bottom right of the front face of the printer, close the door, and press OK (Close).
    2. Use the arrow button to select Installed and press OK.
    3. Use the arrow button to select Yes and press OK.
    4. The printer will charge the ink cartridges. Wait until ink charging is finished and the confirmation screen is displayed before moving to the next step. 
      1. NOTE: This may take up to 20 minutes. 
      2. Press OK (Dismiss).
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