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Install FTDI CDM Driver (USB)

Instructions for installing the FTDI driver used for establishing a USB connection between the Laser Templator and a tablet.

FTDI CDM Driver Installation

  1. Download the FTDI CDM Driver
  2. Double-click CDM212364_Setup.exe 
  3. Click Extract > Next
  4. Select I accept this agreement
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Finished

Verify Driver Installation

  1. Plug in the USB cable from the Laser Templator
  2. Click Windows Start button
  3. Type Device Manager > click Device Manager
  4. Click the + or > (depending on your Windows OS) next to Universal Serial Bus Controller
  5. Double-click Universal Serial Converter
    1. Click the Advanced tab
      1. Verify the checkbox next to Load VCP is ticked. If not, tick it and click Apply
    2. Click the Driver tab
      1. Take note of the Driver version
  6. Click the + or > (depending on your Windows OS) next to Ports (COM & LPT)
  7. Double-click USB Serial Converter
    1. Click the Driver tab
      1. Take note of the Driver version. It should be the same as in step 5.2.1 
      2. If it is not the same version, click Update Driver
        1. Click Search automatically for drivers
        2. Click Close
      3. Click Close
  8. Unplug and then plug in the USB cable
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