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Error: Out of memory


While opening an L55 file in LT1, the following error appears

					Exception Message : Out of memory.



This error is caused by the method used to open L55 job files.

When opening an L55 job file, LT1 initially scans the folder it is stored in for pictures (.jpg). If it finds any, it will load them into the job which can be viewed by clicking Edit > Add Photo > View Images. If the job is stored in the Windows Downloads, Documents, or any other multi-use folder, LT1 will attempt to load all pictures stored there.

If there are a significant number of pictures in that folder, this can consume all available memory (RAM) allocated to LT1 and can fail to load some or all of the job.

This is most commonly seen with the following behavior:

  • The job opens with no templated countertops.
  • The job opens with pictures belonging to other jobs or unrelated to LT1.
  • The job is emailed with pictures belonging to other jobs or unrelated to LT1.


Create a folder for the job and move all related files into it. 

  1. Right-click in the folder where the L55 file is located. 
  2. Click New > Folder 
  3. Rename the folder to match the job name.
  4. Move the L55 file and all related files into the new folder using one of the following methods
    1. Copy/paste (Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V)
    2. Cut/paste (Ctrl + X/Ctrl + V)
    3. Drag and drop
  5. Open the L55 file by double-clicking it.
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